WebSearch.pu-result.info is a potentially dangerous search-engine, which can easily go back changed the search results redirects people to unwanted Web sites. Besides, it can also keep track of users and surfing habits, display irritating pop-up ads and start other issues that threaten damage to computers and their safety. While it has been discovered that has malicious code from within, you should not use this Web site in your everyday Internet daily because there is a serious risk to being redirected to illicit Web, that pays for WebSearch.pu-result.info the owners for the promotion. Besides, as Websearch. helpmefindyour. details or Websearch. lookforithere. details, it can cause undesirable Toolbars and other programs that are installed on your computer without any authorization requested. We recommend you rely on trusted the search engine, such as Google, Yahoo, Bing. In also, if you are suffering from WebSearch.pu-result.info redirected, you should check the PC with the updated AntiSpyware.

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WHY AM I REDIRECTED TO WebSearch.pu-result.info?

The major reason, why you need to check the PC of security software if suffering from redirects to a site, is that WebSearch.pu-result.info promoted by the Navigator hijacker viral. It provides this Web site to take on the home page, a new tab and the default search as quickly as it is within the target PC. If you wish to prevent their penetration, you should be aware that the virus can easily spread through infected and illegal downloading, illicit Web sites, spamming and things like that. Besides, malware can also participate in the distribution of that threat. As once it is inside, it changes PC the settings in order to allow WebSearch.pu-result.info is displayed instead of the home page, a new tab, the default search and similar locations. Please, you NOT ignore this change because they show clearly that your computer be infected!

HOW TO REMOVE WebSearch.pu-result.info forward viral?

If you want to delete WebSearch.pu-result.info forwarding infected, you would first remove the program via Add/Remove Programs list. For that:

Click Start-> Control Panel-> Programs (or Add/Remove Programs)-> Uninstall a Program.
Here, search for WebSearch and similar items and choose ‘ Uninstall/Change ‘.
Click OK to save your changes.

Besides, you should also scan your system up-to-date

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