Sweet-page.com is a totally annoying site that started the browser redirects, shows advertising continues and causes similar problems for users. In the majority of cases it does so after the acquisition of the home page and default search engine in all Web browsers that are installed on the user’s system. If you have noticed your computer Sweet-page.com, is not that you have to leave it there, because tracking people browsing habits can be determined, collect information about your computer and related activities, to start some doubts about the reliability of this program. Please note, that you can display on your computer without having to download them. In this case, follow the instructions and Sweet-page.com to remove from your system.


Sweet-page.com is included mostly with freeware and shareware. To avoid this, you should pay more attention, because people are always fools the freeware installation process to install optional downloads if you download the applications from the Internet. As soon as you receive your target audience, is this PC virus takes over the web page and disables a user, such as Google, Yahoo or Bing favorite Web sites. In addition, you can also start, stop, with its continuous advertising and you can start the activity of other annoying unwanted.

Download Removal Toolto remove Sweet-page.com

Sweet-page.com to remove?

If it was lured into Sweet-page.com installation, you can remove it by following these simple steps:

Remove Sweet-page.com from your browser:

Internet Explorer:

“Open Internet Explorer and go to” Tools “-” Manage Add-ons >-> “toolbars and extensions”. Here you can search Sweet-page.com and click ‘Uninstall’. Now IE > Internet Tools Options General tab open house > to make Google or another address, by default.

Mozilla Firefox:

Open Mozilla Firefox, go to ‘ tools ‘-’ Add-ons ‘extensions’ >->. See Sweet-page.com and click on ‘delete’. Now go to Tools-Options – General > >-> home. Now you need to select ‘Show a blank page’ when starting Firefox or a group at a site in particular, like Google or similar.

Google chrome:

Click menu browser chrome Google chrome, select Extras-> extensions. Trying to get rid of here after Sweet-page.com extension and click on the Recycle Bin. Also, click on the women, go to settings and select “manage search engines”. Search with Google or other edit and delete-search.NET. response_bodies = response standard from the list. Then go to the section “at the beginning” and make sure the page empty to create new tabs.

Finally, scan your computer with updated AntiSpyware. We recommend that you use SpyHunter or STOPzilla.

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