What is SearchAssist?

SearchAssist (aka SearchAssist .com) program reklame network, platform of salmon, a known adware. Change the words of links in Web pages and display ads (the window is SearchAssist .com), as soon as the user moves the pointer over it. Salmon malware earn money everytime, when you click the some users also claim to redirect adware advertising in its pages.

SearchAssist will be installed normally with software packages. Many download sites offer programs, in the hope that money is free. Although this tactic may in some cases legitimate, given there is not enough information and the option of installing malware that searches sometimes participating in or refuse to salmon. Not work software installers also supplied so often are designed to not uninstall adware and hijacker who distributes them. so, if you uninstall SearchAssist in the Control Panel, scan with anti-adware, Spyhunter Malwarebytes programs, etc…

Download Removal Toolto remove SearchAssist

SearchAssist It is recommended to remove it in all cases. While adware is only moderately hazardous, that implements this software in dangerous forms of PC infection.

SearchAssist it is dangerous

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