is another search engine that spreads using freeware and shareware around. Convincing, are people who have downloaded this program on your computer, if they fail to pay a reasonable amount for the installation of freeware is aware. As soon as he tells you that assumes search engine or default home page can start to use Google, Yahoo or other popular search engines. First, hats again, because the search results are displayed and begin continuous pop-up messages changed. Generally take this program to another, which aims to increase its sales and increase Web traffic. infiltrate, as my computer can? is bundled with freeware and shareware. You must install an eye on installation of freeware to prevent and clean up these boxes, which say that they accept, on your computer. If we enter the system, shown in the rule in all Web browsers installed on your system, including Internet Explorer, Google chrome and Mozilla Firefox. If you have noticed your computer, be aware that it can be changed to returned search results and visit secure web sites. Therefore, it is recommended that you uninstall this search engine.

Download Removal Toolto remove to remove? is not a virus or malware, and your computer in any way can do no harm. However, extensions with reliable results and unfair of distribution methods are shown. To avoid this, you must remove from your system. To do this, proceed as follows:

Uninstall the program using Add or remove programs:

To do this, click Inicio-programas – Panel > (or add or remove programs)-> uninstall a program.
Here in reality research programmes and other newly installed first find and select “uninstall / change”.
Click OK to save your changes.

Remove the add-in, in fact, the investigation of Internet Explorer and Mozilla Firefox:

Internet Explorer:

Open Internet Explorer, click the icon of gear or “Tools”-”Internet Options” >.
Here, go to the tab ‘Advanced’ and click the ‘Reset’ button.
Go to “how to reset the configuration of Internet Explorer”-”delete > personal settings” and click the “Reset” option.
Finally, you click on the button ‘close’ and well, save the changes.

Mozilla Firefox:

Open Mozilla Firefox, go to “help”-”> troubleshooting information”.
Select here a couple of times and ‘ finishing ‘a Firefox’ reset’.

Google chrome:

Click the chrome menu button, select ‘ tools ‘-’ extensions >, see real research and similar products and remove them by clicking on the Recycle Bin.
Do not click on ‘ settings ‘-> “manage search engines” and change the default search engine.

Then scan your system with updated anti-spyware to ensure that your computer is virus-free. We recommend SpyHunter or STOPzilla.

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