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Removing RelaySys

What is RelaySys?

RelaySys is a very dubious application that may seriously interfere with your web browsing activity. It may launch annoying ads, redirect you to suspicious sites and even track your online activities. We have discovered that this dubious app is normally introduced to people as a convenient tool that can improve your browsing experience by informing them about the latest offers, discounts, and similar things. However, after doing a little research on it, our security experts have discovered various drawbacks that RelaySys viruses. First of all, it is important to mention that it is sponsored by third parties and has one main goal-to make people visit predetermined Web sites. Secondly, this dubious browser add-in might call tracking software (‘ cookies ‘) and constantly record what sites do you visit, what data do you type in them, what search terms you enter and so on. Of course, RelaySys itself is not aimed at collecting your log-ins, passwords, and other sensitive information. Unfortunately, bearing in mind that it is closely linked to third-parties, you can never be sure that they will not decide to take some pieces of personal information. By the way, you should be very careful with RelaySys ads, as they can be filled with links to dubious or really suspicious third-party Web sites. As you probably know already, Web sites that are controlled by third parties can be filled with suspicious content. Therefore, you should try to avoid RelaySys redirects in advance. For that, we recommend the use of SpyHunter or another reputable anti-spyware.

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Ads by Wooden Seal

Wooden Seal is an adware program developed by SuperWeb LLC, which focused on the promotion of sponsored Web sites. Although it claims to improve your browsing experience and help you to make your shopping more efficient, the truth is that it only wants to redirect computer users to commercial pages and make money. If you don ‘ t want to be a victim of adware authors, you should delete Ads by Wooden Seal as soon as possible.

To learn more about this adware and the consequences of its infiltration, continue reading this article. To remove Ads by Wooden Seal , you should use either an anti-malware program, like Spyhunter or StopZilla and run a full system scan with it or follow the guide below this article and remove the program manually.

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Delete Pc Optimizer Pro

What is Pc Optimizer Pro?

Pc Optimizer Pro is a rogue system optimizer which we have decided to classify as malware. This virus claims to be legitimate program, which is able to increase the security of the system and to protect your computer. Nevertheless, you should not take these words for granted because they are very misleading and may even lead to the loss of your money. Pc Optimizer Pro is linked to another program called Fake Antivirus. These products are FAKE and you should never buy them. Yes, that is what they seek. How do they do that? In most of the cases, they rely on deceptive tactics that seek to scare PC users and then making them buy full or licensed versions. That is why this program starts a scan of the system as soon as it enters it. After doing so, Pc Optimizer Pro virus states that some of the legal and essential windows files are infected. In order to obtain capacity to remove them, you are supposed to buy the licensed version. However, that’s what we do not recommend because it is a straight way to the money loss. All these alerts, warnings and found infections are fake. Please do not buy this program. Here are examples of Pc Optimizer Pro warnings:

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How to remove Ads by Water Plant

What is Water Plant?

We want to warn people that SuperWeb LLC company, which is known for releasing adware-type programs, has enabled its production and released dozens of adware, including Dollar Dream, Fragile Fixer, Triple Poses at the beginning of 2015. Water Plant is just a newly released version for all above-mentioned programs. All of the products owned by this program may be considered to be clones. They share the same characteristics and cause more or less the same inconvenience to the users. In addition to this, all SuperWeb LLC products have primarily been designed in order to make people visit affiliate sites, increase their rank and collect clicks. Generally speaking, none of them can be really helpful for you. Therefore, if you have the slightest suspicion that Water Plant adware hides in your PC, we recommend that you run a full system scan with SpyHunter or another reputable anti-spyware and remove any suspicious entries from your computer. That as ‘ Ads by Water Plant ‘ and similar messages brought by this adware because it seems that this adware is set to deliver third-party content. By click on Water Plant ads, you risk exposing your computer to various cyber threats. In addition to this, you should remove this adware as soon as possible in order to prevent information leaks. That’s because this app may use ‘ cookies ‘ (monitoring software) to spy on you. Of course, it’s developers claim that personally identifiable information will not be touched; However, who can guarantee that? Finally, you should not blame the computer working slowly because we are pretty sure that it’s performance is reduced by Water Plant virus. Therefore, make sure you remove it as soon as possible.

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Ads by FastSaler

FastSaler is another adware that you should know about and stay away from. It infects computers when users download other software and later shows a ton of ads when browsing the Internet. The ads are marked as “Ads by FastSaler ” and they may contain a variety of information, from promotions to notifications that you have won something. If you click on them, you will be taken to some sponsored website or even download other potentially unwanted program on your system.

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Delete CrushArcade ads

What is CrushArcade?

CrushArcade is a dubious application that we do not recommend that you install. It is promoted as an “exciting games portal that offers thousands of free games. ” However, generally speaking, we do not recommend installing any gaming platforms on your computer because they are commonly accused of initiating suspicious advertisements, causing unwanted redirects, decreasing PC’s performance and so on. In fact, CrushArcade is just like that. It has been developed by ArcadeYum LLC, which is a well-known company that has already released such game platforms as Astro Arcade and Arcade Yum. Well, of course, if you are a ‘ game fanatic ‘, you might fall for the installation and use CrushArcade virus because it actually offers hundreds of free games. Unfortunately, if you decide to use, be aware that you automatically agree to reveal information about your surfing habits. That since this app uses cookies and can store information such as your PC’s IP address, location, e-mail address, search terms, pages visited, data entered in them, clicks and so on. In besides that, by choosing to play games via CrushArcade platform you unknowingly agree to receive sponsored ads. Unfortunately, these ads can show up not only when using this game portal, but also when you visit other, totally unrelated Web sites. No matter what content CrushArcade advertisements can be filled with, you should never click on them because they can make you visit suspicious websites that you certainly do not want to visit. In the worst case scenario, these ads can expose your computer to unsafe Web site where you can catch another computer infection. We believe that you do not want that to happen, so never install CrushArcade virus manually. If it penetrates the system behind your back, you should scan your PC with a reliable anti-spyware, such as SpyHunter and remove this app right away.

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LolyKey ads fix

What is LolyKey?

LolyKey is a suspicious browser add-in that may install cookies and monitor your online activity with an intent to use collected information for affiliate marketing. Besides, this can also infiltrate your computer behind your back through other free programs. It’s developers rely on ‘ bundling ‘ distribution method, which is closely linked to various freeware and shareware programs. For more details on distribution method of LolyKey virus and how to prevent it, you can find in the paragraph below. In fact, LolyKey has recently been classified as an adware and potentially unwanted program (PUP) due to the above-mentioned tendency to infiltrate computers use suspect methods. Besides, it seems that this adware may be responsible for displaying a large number of sponsored ads, tracking user’s online activities, using PC’s resources, causing unnecessary redirects and similar problems. Since it is compatible with all the most popular web browsers (Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Internet Explorer, Safari, etc. ), it can cause all the above-mentioned disadvantages on each of them. The most important thing that you need to remember is that you should NEVER click on the ‘ Ads by LolyKey ‘, ‘ LolyKey Ads ‘, ‘ LolyKey Deals ‘, ‘ Powered by LolyKey ‘ and similar messages because they can redirect you to suspicious third-party Web sites. In addition to this, we highly do not recommend allowing third parties to access your browsing history, search terms, IP address, e-mail address and similar information because it can also be used for questionable purposes. In order to avoid LolyKey redirects and other drawbacks, our recommended program is SpyHunter.

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Ads by Browse Pulse

Browse Pulse is one more annoying application that is installed on computers without users ‘ knowledge and that shows tons of ads when you Browse the Internet. Usually you see them on websites like Amazon, Ebay, Facebook and so on. Ads by Browse Pulse redirects to sponsored Web sites and try to increase their traffic. While their creators are getting paid for this, it bothers navigation of the affected users.

To remove Ads by Browse Pulse, you should run a full system scan with an anti-malware program, like Spyhunter or StopZilla You can also check out manual removal guide below this article.

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Eliminate Ads by FastSaler

What is FastSaler?

FastSaler is recognized as an adware or a potentially unwanted program (PUP) due to several disadvantages that it has. The most annoying thing that this program can begin is a constant flow of commercial ads, which can be labelled as ‘ Ads by FastSaler ‘, ‘ Powered by FastSaler ‘, ‘ Brought by FastSaler ‘, ‘ FastSaler Deals ‘, ‘ FastSaler advertisements ‘ and so on. No matter what web browser (Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Internet Explorer, Safari) you use or what site you visit, these ads may chase you everywhere. However, discomfort FastSaler ads is not the worst thing. It is very important to consider whether the content of those ads is reliable. Unfortunately, we want to warn you and ask you to be careful with FastSaler redirects because after clicking on these ads you can be fooled into visiting suspicious Web sites. As you probably know already, third party Web sites are often filled with suspicious content, for example, links, downloads of various potentially unwanted programs, and similar things. By the way, FastSaler virus has been classified as a potentially unwanted program is not without a reason. That’s because the developers of this program depends on other free programs to spread this adware. It means that this useless application can infiltrate computers without being noticed if people do not pay enough attention to the freeware Setup process. Finally, privacy-related issues also need to be discussed if we talk about FastSaler virus. Be know that this program may use cookies or tracking software to collect personal and non-personal information related to the user’s browsing activity. Keeping all these facts in mind, probably you already understood that this adware can hardly be helpful for you. Thus, we recommend that you run a full system scan with SpyHunter and remove FastSaler viruses from the system right away.

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Ads by Metal Maker removal steps

What is Metal Maker?

Metal Maker is an ad-supported web browser add-in that you can land on all the most popular web browsers, including Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, and Internet Explorer, with the help of other freeware and shareware programs. It tends to spread bundled with free software, such as download manager, PDF creator, media player and similar programs. There are hundreds of browser add-ons, plug-ins, toolbars, and extensions that spread as ‘ additional components ‘ along with free software. That’s why we strongly recommend you monitor the installation process of any freeware that you decide to install. If you permit program, such as Metal Maker to infiltrate your computer, sooner of later you may begin to experience various disadvantages. The most famous sign of this adware hides in your computer is commercial ads (‘ Ads by Metal Maker ‘, ‘ Metal Maker ads ‘, ‘ Metal Maker Deals ‘, etc. ) that inform about different deals, discounts, coupons and similar thing. Even if you can find these offers interesting, you should avoid clicking on any of them because they may redirect you to unknown areas some of which can be used to spread other potentially unwanted programs. Therefore, if you want to prevent any Metal Maker redirects, you should avoid the content that it provides to you. In addition to this, if your privacy is an important issue for you, you should not keep this adware on your computer. That’s because it may install cookies on your computer without asking for your permission directly. If you are not willing to divulge the IP address, e-mail address, PC’s site, search terms, pages viewed and similar information, you must run a full system scan with SpyHunter right now and remove this adware right away.

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