Freemake Video Downloader Removal Guide

What is Freemake Video Downloader?

Freemake Video Downloader is a free application which is a really useful program if you want to download videos from web pages like Dailymotion, YouTube, etc. This tool is a legitimate application, but the problem is that it comes to computers with many other tools. Some of the other programs are not only annoying. Their services can cause computer problems and this is why these applications are classified as potentially unwanted programs. Because of this security experts warn PC users to be very careful with any other programs installed with Freemake Video Downloader and not to keep them on the PC.

Where is Freemake Video Downloader available?

In case you want to have Freemake Video Downloader in your computer, you can download it from freemake. com. This application is also available on many other websites. During the installation process, the program will ask you whether or not to install other freeware tools. Even if you have not refused to install the tools, the applications will be installed on your computer.

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How does Freemake Video Downloader work?

In if you prefer automatic installation, 2. delta-search. com will be made the default search engine and it will also be made to the home page. As a result, all of your Internet searches will be made with this search provider. Moreover, there will be a new toolbar attached to your browser and it will produce many pop-up messages while you browse the net. These notifications are not only annoying. They can redirect you to third-party web sites and this can result even in a serious system infection.

Despite the fact that Freemake Video Downloader is not a virus or malware tool, an application to download and install on your PC are known to be potentially unwanted programs and their work on the computer poses a serious risk to the system and information. In case any scamware, malware, spyware or other harmful infections manage to sneak into your system, sooner or later they will take full control of your computer and hackers can steal your personal and financial information. This is why it is strongly recommended that you remove Delta Toolbar and any other hijackers and potentially unwanted programs.

How delete Freemake Video Downloader?

You can remove Freemake Video Downloader from your PC or you can leave it. But you need to remove any potentially unwanted tools and system threats. Moreover, you need to check your entire system for infected files and get rid of the virus completely. This is recommended to be done with an automatic malware detection tool like SpyHunter. In this way no danger will be posed to the system and information and also any malicious files will be removed completely.

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Follow the steps of a guide that is appropriate for your operating system.

For Mozilla Firefox:

To go to the Add-ons Manager, press Ctrl + Shift + A.
Go to the Extensions tab and remove any potentially unwanted add-ons.
To go to Options, press Alt + T.
Open the General tab and change your home page to a different one that is reliable.
Click OK.
Click the icon in the Search box.
Go to Manage search engines, find and remove the default search engine with a reliable provider.
Click OK.

For Google Chrome:

Press Alt + F.
Open ” Extensions ” and remove any potentially unwanted add-ons.
Go to Settings and click on ” Open a page or set of pages ” .
Go to Set pages and replace your current home page with a new one.
Click OK.
Choose Manage search engines under Search.
Remove the unwanted search engine and select a new one that is reliable.
Click Done.
Restart your browser.

For Internet Explorer:

Press Alt + X.
Choose Manage add-ons, then go to Tools and Extensions and remove any potentially unwanted add-ons.
Go to Search Providers. Remove the unwanted search engine and select a new one that you want to use.
Save the changes.
Press Alt + X.
Open Internet Options and from the General tab to change your home page with a reliable one.
Click OK.

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