Cyber Command of Illinois virus

What is virus Cyber Command of Illinois.

Cyber Command of Illinois the virus is a Ransomware, which uses the names of the police in the United States illegally and is trying to get money from random users. The application is installed from the infamous Trojan Urausy, which has tons of systems around the world, as he was already infected. Return to infect computers in the United States and have a different version for each State.

Cyber Command of Illinois computer virus blocker and allows any user to use applications. A message on the screen, will be use and distribute pirated and pornographic files. Here you pay a fine of $300, if you close the computer would get. The truth is that this virus Cyber Command of Illinois could get some money from you. It has nothing to do with the police of Illinois or any other official institution.

Although the message Cyber Command of Illinois virus seems really frightening has nothing with all services, to do good. Police warns of their penalties personally instead of your computer stops responding and announcing on the computer screen. Also never would have accepted transfers, with these systems of payment, MoneyPak or Moneygram.

Remove virus Cyber Command of Illinois from your computer immediately after their discovery. It is a scam, that causes many problems for you. If your computer has a user account and not all are blocked, full scans your PC with anti-malware as Spyhunter programs, that this account not blocked. Another option is to use system restore. If none of these methods work, follow these steps:

Download Removal Toolto remove Cyber Command of Illinois

Restart the computer.
While it still reboots, press “F8″;
Select safe mode in the following order: safe mode, safe mode with command prompt

Follow the instructions to download:

With the computer in safe mode or safe mode with networking

Start MSConfig.
Disable startup items rundll32 disables all application data. Please note that these are typical spots could be used for virus Cyber Command of Illinois, but few others.
Start the system again. Scan Cyber Command of Illinois identifies the virus file and delete it.

Here’s a video that shows how the steps:

If the computer is running in safe mode with command prompt

Run Regedit.
Browse Archives in the WinLogon. Take note of all the Explorer.exe files or not, are empty. Replace with Explorer.exe
Logging of virus Cyber Command of Illinois file search and delete the registry key reference archive
Try to restart and scan with 1170.
If the problem persists, you can try to restore your system in safe mode with command prompt (Rstrui.exe)

Thank you, security expert Kafeine for sharing this Ransomware programs group.

Cyber Command of Illinois the virus is extremely dangerous

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  1. Louis Portalski

    My computer says I am In violation and have to put $300.00 in an insta gram envalop I do not live in Bolling Brook IL. or Oak Brook I beleave my computer id has been stolen. Please advise. Thank you. Louis Portalski


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