Antivirus Security Pro Removal Guide

Antivirus Security Pro is a rogueware application which are detected on computers using Windows operating system. This program appears to be a reliable Security program and attempts to seduce its users into thinking it is an effective AV tool that is worth buying. In fact, this is a harmful and malicious scamware application aimed at stealing money and sensitive information from computer users. In case you see this fake antivirus program on your computer, make sure you delete it immediately and completely.

How is Antivirus Security Pro transferred to computers?

Antivirus Security Pro has its own tricks and uses them to seduce PC users into believing the reliability of this fraud application. First, to gain access to the target computer, it looks for vulnerabilities in the system. It uses the guise of spam e-mail attachments and is also promoted on malicious sites as a legitimate Security tool. It can also be infiltrated into the system along with unreliable software.

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What does Antivirus Security Pro do?

Antivirus Security Pro mimics the actions of a real and reliable AV program. It has a layout that seems to belong to effective Security software with many features. Also, this program simulates some of the services of legitimate programs. In case that this attacker is present on your PC, you have to make the difference between this intruder and a real Security program. Although this attacker mimics reliable Security messages and wants to make the user think these notifications report about real Security problems and system failures, the truth is that none of the warnings appear reliable.

These are some of the misleading messages that are displayed:

Despite the fact that these warnings want to make you think your PC is compromised and there are serious threats detected in the system, this is all just a trick used to scare you. Antivirus Security Pro is the real attacker and you have to remove it as soon as possible to protect your system and data.

Moreover, Antivirus Security Pro starts scanning your system without asking for the permission. These automatic scans seem to check all critical areas of your computer. Always the results shown by the scans show many viruses and infections detected on the computer. In if you try to remove any of the infections detected, you will not be allowed to do that. Instead, you will be asked to pay for the full version of the fake software.

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As you can see, this is the only reason why Antivirus Security Pro is on your computer. This attacker wants to make you pay for the useless registered version and then steal your money. Moreover, the attacker will also steal your personal information, passwords, credit card and bank account information that you send to it. Then, all the information will be used to make a fortune and will be communicated to third parties without your knowledge. This is why you have to know that Antivirus Security Pro is a really harmful computer virus and you should never believe their lies.

Do not pay to this malicious infection and hide any information from it. Instead of paying for this fake tool, make sure you remove the virus completely from your computer. The presence of this intruder on your computer can be not only annoying because of its pop-up messages. It can also lead to numerous vulnerabilities and Security holes in your system. Through them hackers could infiltrate some of their viruses. Malware, spyware, keyloggers, ransomware and other serious infections can be transmitted to your PC without your knowledge. Then, they will be able to take full control over your system and steal money and sensitive information without problems. This is why the removal of Antivirus Security Pro should not be postponed and you have to make sure that you delete all files related to the infection completely.

How to remove Antivirus Security Pro?

Security experts recommend removing Antivirus Security Pro with the help of a reliable and effective anti-virus program. Manual removal is not recommended as during the process of certain essential system files can be deleted and this can lead to a fatal system crash and lost all information. Moreover, the process may not remove all malicious files and viruses on your PC. This is why it is recommended that you download a real AV program like SpyHunter and you follow the steps in the wizard to install the application and then remove Antivirus Security Pro completely.

Do not try just entering some registration key for this fake software because the virus is still on your PC and it will soon attack again and steal your information. In the future, continue to scan your system with SpyHunter to stop any potential attacks by cyber criminals on time and protect your computer and information.

Please follow the appropriate guide, depending on your operating system:

For Windows XP

Boot your PC and press the F8 key to access Windows Advanced Options menu.
Select Safe Mode with Networking and press Enter to access it.
Open the address http:// www. americanpendulum. com/download. php in your browser.
Download SpyHunter to the PC.
Download Removal Toolto remove Security Go to the Start Menu and click Run.
Type ” msconfig ” in the dialog box and click OK.
In the System Configuration Utility, go to the Startup tab.
Choose Disable All and press OK.
Boot your PC.
Install SpyHunter and scan the entire system with it.

For Windows Vista and Windows 7

Reboot the PC and press the F8 key to enter Windows Advanced Options menu.
From the menu, select Safe Mode with Networking. To access it, press Enter.
Open your browser and type http:// www. americanpendulum. com/download. php in the address bar.
Download SpyHunter to the PC.
Install the AV program and scan the entire system with it.

For Windows 8

Press Windows key to open the subway Start menu.
Click the Internet Explorer tile.
In the address bar, type http:// www. americanpendulum. com/download. php and press Enter.
Download SpyHunter to the PC.
Install SpyHunter and scan the entire system with it.

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